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For Service Providers

Inspera health for service providers

Making Healthcare Personal Again

Health is a personal matter. So why is healthcare so impersonal?

Healthcare is in crisis. It’s confusing, chaotic and fragmented. And it is the individual who suffers.

We are on a mission to transform and improve healthcare delivery for those living with multiple chronic conditions. We do this not by lobbying for change or reform, but by working with health improvement professionals who truly desire to deliver healthcare differently—the right way, the smart way.

We invite you to become part our health improvement network, working with others who desire to reinvent the rules of healthcare delivery. We know that in order to create lasting, meaningful lifestyle change, we need to provide a customized level of attention, and a personalized plan. Together, we are passionate advocates for making healthcare personal again—transforming it from transactional to relational, from fragmented to integrated.

Become a partner and together, let’s transform lives and improve healthcare delivery.

watch our video   about how we are making healthcare personal again


Inspera health for service providers

Inspera Health Provider Network

Let’s transform lives and improve healthcare delivery.

We are looking for health improvement providers to offer our participants a comprehensive and diverse range of services that address all dimensions of health. Who are the types of service providers and professionals we’re looking for?

  • Behavioral Therapists
  • Health Coaches
  • Massage Therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Financial Counselors
  • Fitness Centers

Join Inspera Health

Interested in joining the Inspera Health Provider Network?

If you feel our approach to healthcare delivery aligns with your personal or professional business philosophy, then contact us to learn more about the Inspera Health Provider Network.